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Brick acid cleaner

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brick acidBRICK ACID is a blend of components based on hydrochloric acid. It is specifically designed for the removal of cement and concrete from bricks. Due to the synergistic activity of the product, rapid penetration and removal of deposits, normally resistant to acid cleaning, can be achieved. The brick acid product should be applied onto the surface and allowed to react before rinsing with water.

Brick acid can be use for a variety of tasks such as removing cement or mortar splashes, removing oil stains and grease from all types of brickwork, paving or even concrete. Brick Acid shouldn’t damage or interfere with any of the various types of concrete and stone with the exception of limestone and marble which are commonly used in the construction of general buildings. If you need to clean these types of stone please contact us and we will advise you about the correct way to clean the stones.

When using brick acid you must first prepare the area for use, first of all you will need to remove any plant growth and clean up any loose debris from the surface. The next stage is to dilute the acid, for heavy duty cleaning we recommend a 1:5 ratio acid to water, and for general cleaning we recommend a brick acid to water ration of 1:10. The next stage is to apply the solution to the area you wish to clean we recommend using a watering can or a plastic bucket for this.

You will now need to brush the area you wish to clean, ensure the entire area has an even coat and then leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes (note it may take a bit longer if the surface is exposed to cold weather). Last but not least wash the whole area thoroughly with a hose pipe or better still, a pressure washer. If when finished the treated area is still a bit patchy then you will need to apply a second application, use a diluted solution of about 1 part brick acid to 10 parts water and repeat the above process.

So for any of your brick acid or brick washing enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the UK’s top supplier and producer of brick acid.  We at Ecokem offer advice and support free of charge to all of your clients so if you have any questions we look forward to your call the next time you require brick acid.  So for any further information about any of our products or services please email us or call us on 0151 420 0172.