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Aqueous Cleaners

Cleaning of components is an inherent part of many industrial processes either as an interim procedure prior to finishing processes such as painting, electroplating etc. or as the final stage to produce non-contaminated clean parts.  In either event a range of products may be required depending on the type of substrate (metal, plastic etc.), the contaminants involved and the manufacturing process requirements (throughput, temperature considerations etc.).

In most commercial applications, aqueous cleaners (normally at a predetermined dilution ratio) are circulated until their cleaning power is reduced to an extent where the components cleanliness is unacceptable. At this stage the solution is either topped –up or if completely exhausted, discarded and a new solution prepared. In order to delay the necessary bath exchange as much as possible there are sophisticated treatment attachments in use for the removal of contaminants and the used up agents from the system.

At the same time fresh cleaning agents or parts thereof have to be supplemented, which requires a bath control. The latter is more and more facilitated online and thus allows a computer aided sharpening of the bath. With the help of oil separators, demulsifying agents and evaporators, aqueous processes can be conducted for many months with minimal supervision. Advances in water treatment systems also means that in many instances the water can be separated and reused again resulting in cost and environmental benefits.

The Ecokem range of aqueous cleaning chemicals has been formulated using the latest technological advances in detergency together with practical experience, gained over the past 25 years, by the Ecokem technical team in a variety of industrial sectors.

A comprehensive range of products is available for use in ultrasonic baths, spray wash machines, agi-dips, soak tanks machines, etc. Each application has it's own specific product range of acid, alkaline and neutral formulations which have been optimised to achieve maximum cleaning performance together with prolonged product use. Typically, products offer:

Improved detergency

Enhanced soil removal

Optimised foam characteristics for spray wash formulations


Interstage corrosion protection

Due to the diverse nature of soils found in differing industrial environments, it is essential that customer contact is maintained at the highest levels and each application addressed individually to ensure optimisation of the chemicals and equipment used. Your Ecokem technical consultant will advise of the most suitable product and method of application. Typical examples in the Ecokem range include:

Ecosoak 5500 - Alkaline Cleaner for removal of heavy soils on all metals including aluminium

Ecosoak 5906 - General Purpose mildly alkaline product used in a wide range of industrial applications, including the cleaning of marquees, optical fibre dyes, machined components, etc. 

Ecospray 5915 - Alkaline Spray Cleaner

Ecosoak 6000 - Phosphoric acid-based metal brightener and descaler


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