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Biocides / Sanitisers

Ecokem biocides are sold as Ecocides. The Ecocide range has been carefully selected to contain active materials of known effectiveness and, wherever possible environmental acceptability. The products are broad spectrum in activity but individual Ecocides have enhanced activity against major microbial contaminants including:




The biocides utilise a wide range of actives and formulation options, allowing specific products to be used as industrial cooling water biocides, slimicides in paper manufacture, sanitisers in the food industry and general purpose disinfectants. Products can also be specifically designed to satisfy individual customer requirements.

To help customers in their selection and use of biocidal products we are able to provide a microbiological support service. This may include a system or site survey, sample collection and laboratory evaluation of biocides to determine the best product, dose rate and treatment regime. If required Ecokem can also provide an ongoing monitoring service to ensure micro-organisms being controlled do not develop resistance to biocides in use.

Ecocide 7003 - Liquid oxidising biocide for control of microorganisms in water systems

Ecocide 7009 - Continuous release bromine tablets for microbial control in water systems including swimming pools


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