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Cleaning Solvents

The Ecokem range of solvents and degreasing agents has been formulated to provide the customer with the widest choice possible. Not only has the range been designed to give maximum performance, it also provides cost effective solutions and environmentally acceptable options. Typical uses for these products are:

Metal degreasing

Machine cleaning

Cutting oil removal

Paint stripping

The range also includes environmentally acceptable products based on renewable natural resources. These are of particular interest when the process can accommodate a slower drying time and require less hazardous materials.

Ecosolve NPB - Non-flammable degreasing solvent

Ecosol 8024 - Air drying non-residue degreaser

Ecosol 8047 - Degreaser based on naturally occurring orange extracts

Ecosol 8059 - High flash point degreaser

Economizer - Water rinseable solvent-based degreaser


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