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Waste Oil Treatment, Aqueous Cleaners and Chemical Products

Ecokem specialises in the development and supply of  Waste Oil Treatment Chemicals, Aqueous Cleaners, Aerosol Degreasers and Chemical Products such as brick acid to a wide range of industries.

Waste Oil Treatment

Ecokem's comprehensive and effective range of oil demulsifiers, coalescing agents and de-ashing compounds  provide an exceptionally effective means of treatment of waste oils. The collection, treatment and disposal of waste oils are of major ecological significance and Ecokem specialises in this area. Our customised and unique formulations are capable of treating a wide range of emulsions under the most demanding operational conditions, including short residence times, high solids loading, and water content. Click here for waste oil treatment.

Aqueous Cleaners

We also produce a range of highly effective Aqueous Cleaners, which can be applied in spray washing machines, agi-dips, ultrasonic cleaning baths soak tanks etc. Click here for aqueous cleaners.

Aerosol Degreasers

Our aerosol degreasing spray is a sophisticated  dispensing system which creates an aerosol mist of liquid particles. Our Aerosol Dergreasers have a very wide range of applications throughoyut industry - contact us for  a discussion of your application.

We have formulated our products using the long-term industrial experience of our employees and in collaboration with customers. This has resulted in a highly effective range of chemicals.

Ecokem operates its own manufacturing facility which allows us, where necessary, to customise products for specific customer requirements.

In recognition of the importance of customer satisfaction the following criteria have been established as core business principles:

An integral part of our industry support programme is a comprehensive technical back-up service. This operates alongside chemical and microbiological services.

Should you wish to discuss any of our current product range or if you have specific requirements please contact us.